Jeffrey A. Rowe


Senior Director, Plumbing/Fire Protection, Principal

In Jeffrey Rowe’s spare time he is an avid golfer. When he’s not out on the golf course, he also enjoys following the latest news from Wall Street. “If I hadn’t become an engineer, I would probably be an investment banker or a trader on Wall Street.”

Mr. Rowe offers more than 20 years of professional experience in the engineering and design of plumbing, process, and fire protection systems for pharmaceutical, biotech, commercial, institutional, and healthcare facilities. In addition to his technical knowledge, his department management includes regulating budgets, adhering to project schedules, and performing quality assurance. “We give our clients the highest level of quality and provide the most up-to-date engineering solutions that are available”. Jeff’s knowledge of project management and design capabilities gives Genesis a well-balanced platform to successfully complete projects.

Jeff is our expert on fire protection technology. He leads his team of engineers to insure that our clients’ most important assets are properly protected. He has an extensive knowledge of various building standards and works closely with code officials and clients’ insurance carriers to make sure that facilities meet code requirements and adhere to published guidelines.

On Innovation

It goes without saying that innovation is the key to success in engineering. Jeff prides himself in the ability to provide clients with things they haven’t seen before. “Coming up with new ideas and options is an exciting part of this business. Our engineers are up-to-date on the latest technologies and requirements for each of the industries that we serve.”