NEC1A Network Equipment Center

Genesis provided AE services for an Uptime Institute Tier II+ level Data Center at the Verizon facility located in Hilliard, OH. The project included an expansion to the existing facility and upgrades to the existing systems to provide the next generation data center for Verizon.

The design strategy was for a new low PUE Data Center to support IT functions by employing concurrent cooling designs for pumped refrigerant and heat wheel.  The intent was to thoroughly evaluate the most efficient and cost effective cooling technology through completing full design for both cooling technologies.  The more efficient lower PUE design was to be constructed at this site with the other design to be used for more suitable applications.

The electrical design included electrical distribution to the IT equipment aisles at 400VAC via overhead low amp busway.  The new infrastructure included full backup with N+1 generators and 2N Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system with suitable battery back-up for uninterrupted operation of the IT equipment.