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Life Science Architects

Our Clients View Us As Integrators, Organizers, and Collaborators

Our architects strive to understand your unique needs and provide novel solutions to create exceptional workplaces.

Our architects are trained to work as a team alongside our partners to ensure we integrate user requirements, Process Engineering, MEP Engineering, Compliance and building code requirements. Whether building a new manufacturing facility, laboratory, visitor center, cafeteria, or company store, we work in collaboration with the entire architect team to ensure a seamless project and your complete satisfaction. Genesis Engineers also works with a variety of Architecture firms according to client preferences.


  • R+D Laboratories
  • Vivaria
  • Pharmacetical & Biotech Production
  • Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • QC Laboratories
  • BSL & ABSL Containment
  • Clinical Production
  • Offices and Amenities
  • Mixed Use
  • Corporate Headquarters