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Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV)

Your Project Doesn’t End when Construction is Completed

We offer a complete suite of CQV services to take you from construction, all the way through beneficial use. Genesis employs its own engineers to perform commissioning, qualification, and validation. This sets us apart from other firms and brings real value and scientific understanding to the process. Our approach balances science with risk—enabling us to commission, qualify, and validate a broad range of projects from individual pieces of equipment to an entire complex facility.

Our engineers have access to a deep pool of design architects, engineers, and construction managers for technical support. This allows us to provide an unmatched level of technical expertise to ensure project success. We take a “resolution” approach to CQV, meaning we have the ability to not only identify deficiencies, but also provide solutions and help implement them.

At Genesis we understand that CQV isn’t just about the paperwork, but about the quality, safety, reliability and repeatability of your facilities and processes.

Our Commissioning team is proficient in building automation, MEP, and process system design. Read more.

We offer a common sense approach for Qualification and Validation of facilities, systems, utilities, and equipment. Read more.